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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Story Behind the Shirt

This years T-shirt contest was quite dramatic, with Beck's Disaster Relief taking an early lead, but in the end, PBS&J's shirt took the prize. We asked them for the story behind their shirt, and here is what they told us.

"It was the morning of January 13, 2010, and word quickly spread throughout PBS&J’s Orlando office that Lee Strickland, transportation planning group manager for central Florida, was missing in Haiti. He had gone there the day before, filling in for a colleague at a presentation. He was staying at the Hotel Montana, which was in shambles. For 34 long days, coworkers hoped, prayed, and finally, grieved together when word came that Lee had been found and did not survive the earthquake.

In addition to providing leadership to PBS&J’s central Florida transportation planning group, on a personal level, Lee was many things—devoted family man, Sunday school teacher, avid Gator fan, cookie baker, roller coaster aficionado, joker, and free spirit. He was also fitness fanatic, whether it was working out at RDV or running marathons at Disney. More than just participate, he encouraged everyone around him to get involved. He served as team captain for PBS&J’s Corporate 5K team for several years. And so this year, PBS&J’s 2010 Corporate 5K team chose to participate in memory of, Lee, who was our friend and is dearly missed."

-Billie McLean Breedlove, Regional Marketing Manager, Florida, PBS&J